Aug 27, 2021

What is Web Development –How to start it as a career?

Explore this diverse and most demanding field.

Introduction to Web Development

Web development is the process of making a website into being. A website can be on an intranet (A private network) or the internet (A worldwide web). From start till the end how a webpage is made, every necessary element is discussed in this post. Before getting into detail, it’s crucial to know that the person who plays the role of making a website is known as a web developer. A web developer does the technical parts like coding.

Web development is broken down into two parts, first is the front end which is the face a user sees while opening any website, and the back end which is also called the server-side. The front part has user interaction, style, design, and layout which are done by using various languages. The back-end part is also known as the engineering part where all the relevant data of a website is stored. The backend structure is important because, without it, front design is not possible. For this programming, different languages are used which are mentioned here. The person who takes care of both the front and end of the website is known as a Full-Stack developer.

Languages Web Developer use

There are several languages used by web developers, some of their names are listed below.

  • HTML
  • JAVA
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • .NET

The eight languages have their unique purposes and functions. The people who are not familiar with them do have a hard time understanding computer programming languages. But no one is a born programmer at first, so it’s alright. With learning and practice, everything is possible.

HTML is used at the starting point of a website, making the layout, structure, and design. JAVA the most well-known programming language is used to make software and apps. CSS is used to style a website, it is used with HTML at different times while making a layout of any site. The easiest language to learn in programming is PYTHON, which is used to make a framework. Instagram is also a famous example of the following language. PHP is a script-based language that is used to manage databases. It can build every kind of website like eCommerce. Facebook is also an expression of PHP.

Difference between Web development and Web designing?

Before linking both things together, it is fundamental to recognize both fields are different yet it links together. Web development is coding to make a website while web designing is makeup and layout like the addition of colors and theme. There are different methods and tools for web designing as well. A web designer has to take care of content how it appears on mobile or desktop.

There are several stages of web designing, 6 of them are mentioned.

  • Planning
  • Feasibility/scope study
  • Creation of Content
  • Visual layout
  • Test
  • Launching

The first stage involves planning with the web developer as a whole. What is this website for, the reasoning behind the creation? The second step contains a study of scope, how many people are the consumer of this particular field, calculation of the number of chances, how this is site will be the interest of people. What kind of people will visit it? The next thing is about the content you are dealing with. Is it a restaurant, cosmetics, or e-commerce store website, things that are going to be adding in? The 4th walk is to decide colors and theme. Then it comes to test the site if it’s working fine or it needs changes. The last step is to finally launch a website as per requirements.

Skills a Web Developer need.

Different skills are the demand of a website developer. To be logical, creative, strong computer skills, paying attention to details, and be able to tackle a problem right away.

Web Developer Scope

The world has been changing continuously. In modern times, web developer demand is getting increased day by day. Every business is shifting from offline to online and as complex as the work of web development is, the salary is also paid well. Hence it is correct to say, a web developer can make good money and their salary depends on experience level too.